Tradebyte Software GmbH: A Multi-channel and Multi-vendor Approach for the Modern E-Commerce Paradigm

Top 10 E Commerce Technology Solutions Companies - 2022

The growth of the Internet culture has made way for organisations and brands to interact with their audiences over web-based applications and platforms. As eCommerce becomes the new rage for delivering custom advertisements to improve sales and marketing, almost all businesses have begun to indulge in the technology, one way or another. Albeit, the adventure can be abrupt without adopting the right technology infrastructure, costing companies huge losses in wasted content collection and analytics. In addition, the latest application for easy payment and collection as well as data law compliance continue to plague the enterprise world, with government authorities coming down heavily on those who do not follow the rules by the book.

To help our readers better understand the best-in-class solutions and services available in the industry, the editorial team at CIOReview Europe has dived deep into the world of eCommerce technology and its multiple dependant services. On the cover is Tradebyte Software GmbH, a leading lifestyle fashion assortment integrator that empowers brands to leverage multi-channel and multi-vendor approaches by rendering highly efficient eCommerce analytics systems. Other companies featured in the magazine include DIETY, a Netherlands startup focused on empowering eCommerce businesses by enhancing developer experience with the latest composable commerce to ensure all-round excellence.

The magazine also presents best practices and ideas from industry experts—Nidhi Gupta, Director, Head of Global GTM and Product Marketing, Payments at eBay and Sebastian Walter, Vice President (VP) at Otto Group—that IT executives, CTOs, and CMOs can integrate into their operations to surge ahead in their eCommerce solution implementation projects.

We are proud to present our most promising eCommerce Technology Solution Providers in Europe 2022.

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    Top E Commerce Technology Solutions Companies

  • DEITY, a startup based in the Netherlands, is focused on empowering eCommerce businesses and also enhancing developer experience with the latest composable commerce to ensure all-around excellence. DEITY‘s modular, composable commerce products level up the client’s existing eCommerce infrastructure

  • Tradebyte Software GmbH is Europe’s leading lifestyle and fashion assortment integrator that empowers brands and retailers to leverage the prowess of multi-channel and multi-vendor approaches by rendering its highly efficient technologies, TB.ONE and TB.MARKET.

  • Akinon


    Akinon is a cloud-based headless commerce platform with an integrated next-generation application suite including omnichannel and marketplace capabilities, mobile and in-store solutions, and an OMS. Akinon Commerce Cloud equips businesses with flexible solutions for operating omnichannel B2C, marketplace, or B2B commerce, and provides them with the tools to boost revenues and eliminate the need to re-platform ever again

  • commercetools


    commercetools is the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless), that allows to create powerful, highly customized commerce experiences while building a profitable, sustainable brand

  • Convious


    Convious is an end-to-end sales & marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that drives online traffic, delivers the best customer experience, and implements dynamic pricing in real time

  • Intershop Communications

    Intershop Communications

    Intershop's B2B e-commerce platform enables the world’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers to transform their business, reach new customers, and increase revenue in a digital-first world. Their cloud-based solutions gives an essential foundation for online sales, also the flexibility to deliver unique customer experiences and quickly react to changing needs

  • Lengow


    Lengow is the ecommerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes and grow internationally. The Lengow platform is the key that opens the door to strong profitability and visibility for products sold by online retailers around the world on all distribution channels such as, marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms and display/retargeting

  • PrestaShop


    PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution. The company's aim is to become the reference commerce platform for the growth of businesses around the world, by building on its values: audacity, proximity, tenacity, and engagement. PrestaShop Essentials offers secure payment solutions worldwide, performance analysis and web marketing

  • Senteca Commerce

    Senteca Commerce

    SentecaCommerce is a microservices solution that gives organizations the ultimate flexibility to take an experience-first approach to commerce, with the simplest, most powerful APIs available. With Senteca Commerce, retailers can imagine vibrant brand experiences that engage and convert consumers on any channel or touchpoint

  • Shopware


    Shopware is a leading digital commerce system and used by retailers and manufacturers across B2C, D2C and B2B industries. Shopware’s open commerce platform gives its customers the freedom to quickly and easily realise their growth potential - with greater flexibility to deal with complex challenges. Through continuously high investments in research and development, Shopware is a leading driver of innovation in digital commerce

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